Sips of Coffee, Sometimes Tea: taste of cloves


Note: Going through old boxes, one finds a red, faded notebook, Sips of Coffee, Sometimes Tea, a collection of poems written at Spiderhouse in Austin.

taste of cloves

greetings Sampoerna, 1913
kiss my lips with your flavor
don’t hesitate, be blunt in action

–need me as i need you

introduce the eastern spice
the dark, aromatic creature
feasting with joy
savor my tongue
become me, grow in me

please me, tease me, please
smoke–fragrance my air
little white incense–blow freely
compliment the atmospheric atoms
roam around me

how devilish the dark shadows stare
the shadows of my writing hand
handwriting, bringing new life
wisdom is not communicable
so some say, but you are

sleep silently, child of ashes
in the black pool of astray



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