BOOZEHOUND upcoming novel moving forward

I’m finally typing BOOZEHOUND. I’ve been carrying around the Moleskin since last Christmas after receiving it as a gift from a great art curator friend who recognized this writer’s need. BOOZEHOUND was the right story to begin with as a novel, and I started it the morning after Christmas.

It’s pretty much a fucked up dystopic tale of drunks in an Austin downtown dive, a postmodern semi-memoiresque piece of fiction. A bit of everything. The story comes from a series in my blog called Bar Talk.

I worked years on  various film scripts I had written treatments and loglines to, struggling to complete a feature. No features were completed, so it drove me crazy for a long time; thats another memoir. was started to get me energized to write again, using this as an experimental platform. I challenged myself to create more honestly and daringly. I was in love with writing again, particularly short fiction and memoir. Without resistance, trusting the muse, I found myself swimming in pools of mindfulness and poetry, and at other times vulgarity, booze, and sex. BOOZEHOUND was born.

Daniel and Leonard


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