creator of (formerly linguisticPOZOLE).


it sat on a wooden night stand. alone. old, yellow. a manual typewriter. $10. my mom bought it for me at 14 at a garage sale in bay city, texas. that day changed me. i learned the power of story. i realized that i possessed the power to create and destroy in my own invented tales. that’s a lot of power for a young kid from oyster creek, texas. short horror stories and poems were created from that little ‘wordpress’. i used red ink for anything horror related. the red ink ran out fast. i also created score cards for a nintendo wrestling game we had. still have them in a folder devoted to ‘the early writings of daniel reyes’.

welcome. enjoy. come back.




5 thoughts on “creator

  1. Hi, Daniel! Thank you so much for deciding to follow my blog. I deeply appreciate your reaching out, and I’m hopeful that the content will remain interesting for you. I’m looking forward to staying in touch and to receiving your input. Meanwhile, all the best to you for a terrific 2012!

    Cheri Laser

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