Will I ever stop eating menudo?

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My lunch at Taqueria Los Altos in Austin

It may not be the healthiest of meals. Hell, it may be hazardous to the health for all we know. But menudo is one of my favorite meals, and may just be for life. The taste of red chilis, oregano, and other spices in the broth mixed with hominy, tripe and pig feet is heaven.


If you make a good breakfast taco, they will come.

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When writing, I usually start with a title. It’s a habit developed since I started writing at fourteen. The title was the seed, which without, a story could not blossom. Today I took a risk and did the opposite. I knew what I wanted to write, but finding a title was making it more difficult that it should have been. How can I get new readers to my blog? Readers whom I think will enjoy the bits of ‘pozole’ their taste buds are unconsciously craving. Of course, those unfamiliar with pozole won’t get it, so I should experiment with various methods to draw attention, and when I got ’em, deliver the goods. Daniel

This morning, while making a stop in downtown Austin,  I had a hunger for some potato, egg, and cheese tacos. Where should I go? Ah, the breakfast taco, a contribution to society from my Latino cultural heritage. Across the U.S., at nearly every restaurant, coffee house, and even convenient stores that sell breakfast, you’ll most likely find this food item. The price ranges from a very cheap 89 cents/taco to the price gouging $3.99, and that’s without the avocado.