The Unveiling of (No So) Undercover Mexican Girl


My latest video is a short, experimental collage of empty streets, old buildings, and shaky, unfocused, close-up shots of (Not So) Undercover Mexican Girl. Set to the eerie pop/folk music of Jovenes y Sexys, the piece invites the viewer into the writer’s journey of creativity and discovery. Visit her at (Not So) Undercover Mexican Girl.

©2015 POZOLE Productions


At Calvary


This is a church hymn I grew with when I attended the Oyster Creek First Baptist Church. I would become excited when our pastor asked us to turn our hymnal books to At Calvary. It was certainly one of my favorites. I associated it with the community of folks who would gather on Sunday mornings, most of them gray-haired grandparents, dressed in their Sunday best, displaying their huge, often toothless smiles, and just being the genuinely, kind people they were. I put together a few photos I had of some locations there. This is the Oyster Creek I remember, and though there is more than just old homes, streets, and empty fields in this small town, I have found the most beauty in these simple, yet decaying, facets of life.