The Comeback Game: A Houston Oilers Fan Finally Speaks

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I gave up football in 1993, a sport I loved playing and watching. For many years, I blamed the Houston Oilers.

On January 3, 1993, I was walking around Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi,. I was a young airman stationed at Keesler Air Force Base, and spent the weekends using my new credit card at the mall while checking out the girls. While strolling around, I caught part of the Oilers-Bills wild card game on television. The Oilers were playing better than they had in previous years. The first part of the 80’s weren’t good for them. They lost coach Bum Phillips in 1980, who had helped them make it to the playoffs in the late 70’s during the “Luv Ya Blue” era.


Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

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A Stand-up Piece:

Title: Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

There’s a stigma with mental illness. This thing that exists and affects millions of people, and what do we do instead of recognize its mere existence? We try to hide it under the carpet or something. You can still see the damn thing sticking out. But we still pretend it’s not there. “Uh, I see you.” I remember once someone knocking at my door. I seen shadows through the mosaic window.

freeport NOT shreveport

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i’m from freeport, not shreveport. i’ve repeated this too many times to people who ask where i’m from, and when i tell them freeport, they say, “oh, shreveport?”. do my f’s sound like shr’s and ee’s sound like eve’s?

this reminds me. 3rd grade. young daniel had to meet with a speech pathologist weekly to work on ch/sh and j/z sounds. i had certain fricative and affricate deficiencies, and she was there to help. i was a bit embarrassed because this meant i had a problem; i felt different than other students and more conscious in how i spoke. i sure as hell wasn’t being rewarded for some gift or talent i possessed. i did not meet certain requirements or expectations in the general english spoken language, so i needed rehabilitation. my first rehab.