My Rebecca, Insane and a Hiatus

Horror, My Rebecca, Insane

“I can still smell and taste her moistness, as if just yesterday we had made crazy love alongside the springs where we would picnic. This was, of course, long before they committed her to a psychiatric hospital, no less frightening a place than the lunatic asylums of the past. She had murdered her father, stabbing him countless times and with such contempt, her wrists shattered in the process. A horrible act, indeed, but undoubtedly justified. Those heinous things he did to her as a child drove my innocent Rebecca insane.” From My Rebecca, Insane


The Rainstorm (excerpt from ‘My Rebecca, Insane’)

horror/suspense, My Rebecca, Insane

The rainstorm was surreal. It hadn’t poured so powerfully in years. Life had been returned to the grass and trees, which for months had faced certain death. Rebecca stared at the magical downpour from her window. In the reflection, her red hair glowed in the dim room, cloaking her pale face, except for two intense green eyes. As the sirens blared outside, competing with the storm’s blast, Rebecca watched in awe as another plane fell into the lake.