Thoughts from a Writer: Fear

I haven’t written fiction in a while. Not because I’m not interested, but my discipline had long ago went on sabbatical and never returned. Writing requires discipline. Inspiration helps, but inspiration alone leads to unfinished stories and ramblings. Like any serious endeavor or pursuit, the work must be done. Every writer has their own method and time of day to write. For me, it’s the early morning—that moment when I should still be asleep, when it’s dark outside. I believe it helps because I can pull from my dream state, or at least I tell myself that, and it works. Continue reading


Idea for a horror movie


A horror film by Master of Horror Daniel Reyes the poster would read. For those who read I, Master of Horror, would understand and appreciate my previous calling as a writer of this genre.

I created the title Dead End Cross when I was about fourteen.  It was going to be a movie about a group of people on vacation getting lost after going down a street that had a Dead End sign. Continue reading