BOOZEHOUND Excerpt: F*cked Up

I’m pissed. I wanted to fuck, and know I had my chance with her. But Leonard, that old piece of shit, ruined my erection after generously sharing that his foreskin hung two inches over his german helmet. Not only were we witnesses to his perverted tales–we were witnesses to his racist ass. He offered to pull it out and show us if we didn’t believe. yes, I was way passed shame and embarrassment knowing Leonard. For a minute, I could swear the whole bar is silent, watching us, as if they hear Leonard’s ass.
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BOOZEHOUND Novel Exceprt: ‘Last Call’

“Last call bitches!”

It’s 1:45am. What happened to all the troll women who were here earlier? Seems they’ve been replaced by cuties in tight denim and skirts. Damn beer goggles! The patrons storm the bar as if “Last call” means last beer you’ll ever drink mother fuckers! Continue reading

BOOZEHOUND upcoming novel moving forward

I’m finally typing BOOZEHOUND. I’ve been carrying around the Moleskin since last Christmas after receiving it as a gift from a great art curator friend who recognized this writer’s need. BOOZEHOUND was the right story to begin with as a novel, and I started it the morning after Christmas.
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