Boozehound Returns


Leonard won’t leave. The days of boozing and smoking in the heart of Austin’s boozehound district are long gone. Folks gotta grow up. I’m like one of the kids in the Toys R US commercial who doesn’t wanna grow up. I guess Leonard heard my thoughts. Only he would. Of all the people to invade my deepest thoughts and pleasures, it had to be him. Damn Leonard! Continue reading


BOOZEHOUND Excerpt: F*cked Up

I’m pissed. I wanted to fuck, and know I had my chance with her. But Leonard, that old piece of shit, ruined my erection after generously sharing that his foreskin hung two inches over his german helmet. Not only were we witnesses to his perverted tales–we were witnesses to his racist ass. He offered to pull it out and show us if we didn’t believe. yes, I was way passed shame and embarrassment knowing Leonard. For a minute, I could swear the whole bar is silent, watching us, as if they hear Leonard’s ass.
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Excerpts from the upcoming novel BOOZEHOUND


The redhead plays pool at the table adjacent to us. She leans on the table, stick aiming, intense concentration. I’m envious of those sleeve tattoos—sexy murals frolicking around her pale shoulders and arms. Here’s my chance. We walk over, very slowly, Steve McQueen cool. She glances over. I gaze at her. She doesn’t turn away.

“Dude, she’s eyeing you,” Dwayne informs  me loudly; he thinks he’s whispering, as he clutches my shoulder.

“Who?” asks Jenny. Continue reading