there goes the pig running loose

our abuelos had a pig named chacho. he was a fat ass pig, a big one. i was around ten, i believe. no matter what they did to prevent chacho from escaping, the fat ass found a way to get out, and he would run loose around the block. neighbors came knocking, letting the family know that chacho was at it again. Continue reading


Chicharrón Industry Set to Occupy Monsanto

By CHICO REYES, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN April 17, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration announced today that it will participate in what the New York Times is saying will be the largest mass protest in the history of the United States. The protest, referred to as OccupyMonsanto, is aimed at bringing down the soy giant since they recently announced their soy version of chicharrónes called Soycharrónes. “The move will certainly compromise the FDA’s long standing relationship with Monsanto. It’s like witnessing a celeb marriage fall apart. Makes for great news.” said the Times. Continue reading