An edited version of Bar Talk 2.

by Daniel Reyes

The gig drew a small crowd. Maybe there were fifty-five or so. Certainly less than what I expected, and I felt a bit embarrassed for Chacho. Just what the hell was he doing playing in this shithole anyway? I wondered what happened to all that money made touring the country over the years. I remember in ’83 he even performed for President Reagan when he visited Texas.


Another Sunday con Cornelio


Another Sunday con Cornelio

By Daniel Reyes

This piece was published in the 2011 Tonantzin Magazine, the Tejano Conjunto Festival’s Edition.  The short story is inspired by the author’s feature length film script, Saladitos.

Cornelio Reyna singing

Te vas angel mio
ya vas a partir
dejando me alma herida
y un corazón a sufrir

You’re leaving my angel
You’re departing now
Leaving my soul wounded
And a heart to suffer

Cornelio’s voice waltzed across the narrow white room, the accordion escaping down the corridor. The room became an imaginary dance hall of baile and live performance. Mabel smiled, her head tilting from side to side, her eyes slightly closed as if daydreaming—his voice was magical to her. It had that power to tug at her nostalgic corazón. Once she asked her mamá why her father always listened to such sad music.

Liang Yu

Childhood Memories

I pictured how she must have sat there. Alone in the empty lobby next to a large window, staring at the rain puddles alongside the streets as they filled deeper. It was eleven o’clock; she was expected home an hour earlier. “Xiaojie. Neng gei ni jiao liang chuzu qiche ma?” asked the concierge. “Miss, can I call you a taxi?

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