a ballad of stories never told


in an attempt to create his masterpiece, joey found himself paralyzed, unable to even jot down another letter. every story and character he’d invented filled his mind to capacity.


children in the rain


they were children playing in the rain. the town had suffered a merciless drought for four years, and food became scarce, near non-existent. the town’s population diminished over those years, and they remained the last families.

A Requiem For Father’s Day

Childhood Memories

I once told a friend that I didn’t have a real father, that he left when I was two, and that I was raised by my mom and stepfather. She responded, “So, your stepfather is your father?”

Since then I’ve been more aware of how I use the terms “real father” and “stepfather”, and have tried to make an effort of using “father” to show respect and appreciation for his role in my life. In his fifties, our father Joe was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s.