BOOZEHOUND Novel Exceprt: ‘Last Call’

“Last call bitches!”

It’s 1:45am. What happened to all the troll women who were here earlier? Seems they’ve been replaced by cuties in tight denim and skirts. Damn beer goggles! The patrons storm the bar as if “Last call” means last beer you’ll ever drink mother fuckers! Continue reading


BOOZEHOUND upcoming novel moving forward

I’m finally typing BOOZEHOUND. I’ve been carrying around the Moleskin since last Christmas after receiving it as a gift from a great art curator friend who recognized this writer’s need. BOOZEHOUND was the right story to begin with as a novel, and I started it the morning after Christmas.
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Bar Talk 4: Leonard’s Drunk Again

It’s not even 4pm and Leonard’s drunk. The carouser strikes again. The sun snoops through a propped-open door, revealing how awful the empty dive looks. Who was the artist? Only a mind of vulgarity and fury can decor an establishment with such grim latexes and random sketches resembling 80’s album covers of Slayer and Sepultura.

Work called two hours earlier, asking if I’d come in. Of course I will, I need the money. Continue reading