Little Brown Girl


“Pan dulce, un dólar.”

My attention quickly diverted from meditating on my tacos al pastor to a little brown girl selling Mexican sweet bread. She reminded me of my niece when she was ten. She was a skinny brown tomboy whose head was a waterfall of black hair that flowed to her lower back.


Liang Yu

Childhood Memories

I pictured how she must have sat there. Alone in the empty lobby next to a large window, staring at the rain puddles alongside the streets as they filled deeper. It was eleven o’clock; she was expected home an hour earlier. “Xiaojie. Neng gei ni jiao liang chuzu qiche ma?” asked the concierge. “Miss, can I call you a taxi?

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freeport NOT shreveport

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i’m from freeport, not shreveport. i’ve repeated this too many times to people who ask where i’m from, and when i tell them freeport, they say, “oh, shreveport?”. do my f’s sound like shr’s and ee’s sound like eve’s?

this reminds me. 3rd grade. young daniel had to meet with a speech pathologist weekly to work on ch/sh and j/z sounds. i had certain fricative and affricate deficiencies, and she was there to help. i was a bit embarrassed because this meant i had a problem; i felt different than other students and more conscious in how i spoke. i sure as hell wasn’t being rewarded for some gift or talent i possessed. i did not meet certain requirements or expectations in the general english spoken language, so i needed rehabilitation. my first rehab.