The Unveiling of (No So) Undercover Mexican Girl

My latest video is a short, experimental collage of empty streets, old buildings, and shaky, unfocused, close-up shots of (Not So) Undercover Mexican Girl. Set to the eerie pop/folk music of Jovenes y Sexys, the piece invites the viewer into the writer’s journey of creativity and discovery. Visit her at (Not So) Undercover Mexican Girl.

©2015 POZOLE Productions


‘The Second Cumming of Leonard’ —Excerpt from the novel BOOZEHOUND

A vintage ’63 BMW motorcycle stands by the curb that belongs to Jarod, one of the bartenders. It’s pristine condition shows his love and obsession for the classic. Except on Mondays, the bike’s here everyday. One unfamiliar with Love’s Lounge would think the bike was the dive’s public artpiece, or as Leonard would say, pubic artpiece. Continue reading