Saladitos: An Alzheimer’s Tale – Part 1


This short story is the basis for the film, SALADITOS (SALTED PLUMS). There will be more parts posted, but for now, here’s the first page and a half. It’s written to honor those with Alzheimer’s. This story first started around 2003, when our stepfather was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. I wanted to write a story about an aging man who feels much regret for his life, that he chooses to swim in his own grief, and in doing so, he creates a world where he finds meaning, and the daughter who witnesses all this. Often we run away from pain, from anything that feels uncomfortable. I wanted to show that because happiness is not something that we can hold on to forever, and that because our predicaments and experiences differ, that we all have our own ways in dealing with unfortunate circumstance, and there should be no judgement. I strongly believe that the beauty of life, the epitome of what we consider happiness, stems from recognizing and experiencing the beauty of suffering, to see it for what it is: a path to freedom.


Idea for a horror movie

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A horror film by Master of Horror Daniel Reyes the poster would read. For those who read I, Master of Horror, would understand and appreciate my previous calling as a writer of this genre.

I created the title Dead End Cross when I was about fourteen.  It was going to be a movie about a group of people on vacation getting lost after going down a street that had a Dead End sign.

an untitled film for her


untitled (no working title)

una película / a film



A crowded film set of chaos. People walking around talking loudly, barking orders, shoving, commanding…a vulgarity of human communication and interaction.

The light dims over the two stars of the film, MATTHEW, 36, and LAURA, 28. They sit across the prop desk and computer talking. The moments are rare that they can spend in privacy, so they look forward to them.  They seem like children who are excited to play together.