the beauty of unemployment

i’ve been out of work since february. this has to be the longest that i haven’t worked. usually i would take a gig moving furniture or painting a house in between full-time bureaucratic institutional jobs. this time i just decided to devote more time to myself and my writing and of course, my dog flaca. i left my job at a time when people were being laid off because of the ‘economic crisis’. it’s hard for someone like me to understand what that means. i’ve never invested in stocks or bonds, and i’ve never purchased a home, or even have a car that i’m making payments on. i came from a working class family, which basically means we were getting by my stepdad’s paycheck to feed a family of 5. i’m used to being without money, so in these times, i say, “welcome to my world”.

henry miller wrote something i can relate to. i’ll paraphrase because i’m too lazy to look for the quote. “i have no job, no money, no resources. i am the happiest man alive.”