El Jardín

Daniel mowing the yard.

It had been years since I mowed the house we grew up in. Like with people, the house had become old and fragile and ill; soon it will meet its demise. As I mowed the lawn, it reminded me of a garden we had. It wasn’t huge, but it required some work. Our stepdad Joe worked the tiller like an expert. Continue reading


Thoughts of a former love

Just what was I thinking? She sat there, next to me. A woman. A woman who loved me. A woman who was amazing, intelligent, beautiful, smiling in her black thick framed glasses as she talked with me about the music she played. And just like that, I let her go. I didn’t even try. The pain is still there. It hurts to think about her. I miss her and wish I could have had just a few more minutes with her.