Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

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A Stand-up Piece:

Title: Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

There’s a stigma with mental illness. This thing that exists and affects millions of people, and what do we do instead of recognize its mere existence? We try to hide it under the carpet or something. You can still see the damn thing sticking out. But we still pretend it’s not there. “Uh, I see you.” I remember once someone knocking at my door. I seen shadows through the mosaic window.


‘¡Ajúa!’ to Replace ‘Om’ in Latino Yoga Circles?


By CHICO REYES, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN November 22, 2013

Egos are butting in the yoga community after yoga practitioner and Linguist at the prestigious linguisticPOZOLE Institute, Paco Reyes, discovered that the sound ¡Ajúa! invokes the same spiritual energy as the mantra Om used in yoga.

mindful thoughts from a brown pissed off yogi



bound to suffer, bound to fail
it’s inevitable, something to look forward to
she preaches in her black spandex pants
inexperienced, yet confident in life’s answers