Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

A Stand-up Piece:

Title: Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

There’s a stigma with mental illness. This thing that exists and affects millions of people, and what do we do instead of recognize its mere existence? We try to hide it under the carpet or something. You can still see the damn thing sticking out. But we still pretend it’s not there. “Uh, I see you.” I remember once someone knocking at my door. I seen shadows through the mosaic window. Continue reading


BOOZEHOUND Excerpt: F*cked Up

I’m pissed. I wanted to fuck, and know I had my chance with her. But Leonard, that old piece of shit, ruined my erection after generously sharing that his foreskin hung two inches over his german helmet. Not only were we witnesses to his perverted tales–we were witnesses to his racist ass. He offered to pull it out and show us if we didn’t believe. yes, I was way passed shame and embarrassment knowing Leonard. For a minute, I could swear the whole bar is silent, watching us, as if they hear Leonard’s ass.
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Would you sleep in this house?

Earlier this year I visited our decaying house in Oyster Creek and took some footage with the hope of creating a documentary project with stories from family members and childhood friends. Last night, with an urge to be creative and have some fun, I decided to return to my horror film roots and edit this short piece together. The haunting tone reflects how I sometimes felt as a child in this old house, wondering if the devil himself or a deranged madman peeped through the windows as my brothers and I watched television or chased each other through the house. The fear, coupled with other life’s circumstances, fed into my anxiety, that has been with me since.