Tex-Mex Nirvana


Texas cold front
it brings me to Taqueria Arandas
off 7th street, eastside ese
Sipping on café con leche y azúcar


Corrido de La Vengaza (Ballad of Vengeance)


I had no idea where they had taken her, but I vowed to find her, and I vowed to bring absolute vengeance to those who had hurt her.

“Daniel! Daniel!” She’d holler as soon as I’d walk into Cancun Restaurant. I’d visit every Sunday morning to sit with her and entertain her while her mother worked the busy weekend shift.

Little Brown Girl


“Pan dulce, un dólar.”

My attention quickly diverted from meditating on my tacos al pastor to a little brown girl selling Mexican sweet bread. She reminded me of my niece when she was ten. She was a skinny brown tomboy whose head was a waterfall of black hair that flowed to her lower back.