Vicente Fernandez and Tequila better than Meditation?


Vicente Fernandez and Tequila better than Meditation?

By CHICO REYES, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN September 5, 2013

IMPORTANT: Watch the video before reading this groundbreaking study.

Artist: Vicente Fernandez, Song: Mujeres Divinas


Little Brown Girl


“Pan dulce, un dólar.”

My attention quickly diverted from meditating on my tacos al pastor to a little brown girl selling Mexican sweet bread. She reminded me of my niece when she was ten. She was a skinny brown tomboy whose head was a waterfall of black hair that flowed to her lower back.



An edited version of Bar Talk 2.

by Daniel Reyes

The gig drew a small crowd. Maybe there were fifty-five or so. Certainly less than what I expected, and I felt a bit embarrassed for Chacho. Just what the hell was he doing playing in this shithole anyway? I wondered what happened to all that money made touring the country over the years. I remember in ’83 he even performed for President Reagan when he visited Texas.