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Texas cold front
it brings me to Taqueria Arandas
off 7th street, eastside ese
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Tejanos Wage Some Kind of War on Norteño Music

By CHICO REYES, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN April 20, 2012

The Mexican music genre known as Norteño was caught by surprise on Thursday when music giants in the Tejano industry waged an unclear war on them. The incident occurred at the Tejano Music Awards during a live performance by Little Julio, who is infamous for changing his name depending on his current weight and hair style. As the crowd stood in their cowboy hats, yelling and dancing, Little Julio screamed into the microphone, “And they say Tejano music is dead. I say to hell with Norteño music or my name isn’t Little Julio. You’re going down. The war has begun.” He then encouraged the crowd to yell, “Viva Tejano, down with Norteño.” Half of the crowd chanted, while the other half, mostly Mexican nationals, looked confused and very concerned. Continue reading