i have no goddamn home
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God’s Gift of Woman

Rosemary fragrance
Bamboo hair
Dandelion eyes
Sage nose
Mint lips
Lavender skin
Sunflower arms
Coriander fingers
Jasmine legs
Lemongrass toes Continue reading

Sips of Coffee, Sometimes Tea: taste of cloves

Note: Going through old boxes, one finds a red, faded notebook, Sips of Coffee, Sometimes Tea, a collection of poems written at Spiderhouse in Austin.

taste of cloves

greetings Sampoerna, 1913
kiss my lips with your flavor
don’t hesitate, be blunt in action

–need me as i need you

introduce the eastern spice
the dark, aromatic creature
feasting with joy
savor my tongue
become me, grow in me

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