Life is Beer

Booze Tales

A beer at noon. That’s how life should be. I’m not interested in the happy hour. Too many hours leading to it go wasted without a drink, just to save a buck or two.


Interview: Chapter One


Note: I started this story without a clue where it would go. Needless to say, it went nowhere. I got distracted with another story as it often happens and realized that this was more of an exercise than anything. The themes of war, bureaucracy, complacency, and pure “bovine stercus” (aka bullshit) are embraced, and continue in my writings.

Childhood thoughts of Mr. V.

Childhood Memories

Jail just wasn’t his thing. Nor was the outside, what some called the civilian world. A little too much anger isn’t good for the soul. Mr. V. could not understand this. A human boiling pot indeed. “You carry that anger like that, it’s gonna bring you down,” Coach said.