an untitled film for her


untitled (no working title)

una película / a film



A crowded film set of chaos. People walking around talking loudly, barking orders, shoving, commanding…a vulgarity of human communication and interaction.

The light dims over the two stars of the film, MATTHEW, 36, and LAURA, 28. They sit across the prop desk and computer talking. The moments are rare that they can spend in privacy, so they look forward to them.  They seem like children who are excited to play together.


Alzheimer’s Love


What is love for someone with Alzheimer’s? In 2002, our father was abducted. We had no idea where to. Well, what I mean is his mind was snatched, and it was only after months of exams that the doctors diagnosed him with this dementia. Physically he was fine, at least in 2002. Since then, he’s become incapacitated, slumping over in his wheelchair, head usually down. At times, out of nowhere, he’s alert, head up, and he mumbles a few words—some clear, others not so intelligible.

Bar Talk 3: Leonard

Booze Tales

Damn Leonard! What the hell was he doing here. No one called him over. The veteran boozer invited himself to our table, speaking in some Twin Peakian language. He made no sense, rambling on about war, police states, and government corruption. His breath stank of a concoction of Pall Mall’s and liquor. Spit flew from his mouth as he shouted. It was repulsive. Jenny asked him to leave, so he stood at attention, as he once did when a young soldier, and saluted us.