BOOZEHOUND Excerpt: F*cked Up

I’m pissed. I wanted to fuck, and know I had my chance with her. But Leonard, that old piece of shit, ruined my erection after generously sharing that his foreskin hung two inches over his german helmet. Not only were we witnesses to his perverted tales–we were witnesses to his racist ass. He offered to pull it out and show us if we didn’t believe. yes, I was way passed shame and embarrassment knowing Leonard. For a minute, I could swear the whole bar is silent, watching us, as if they hear Leonard’s ass.
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The Bronze Bench

The bronze bench, guarded by an aluminum fence, stood underneath a cedar tree whose arms stretched towards the bright sky like Moses. Little Felipe humored himself and imagined the tree telling each observer, “What you looking at fool?”

When Felipe asked his father about the bench, he heard the same spiel: “It’s a symbol of our people. We worked really hard for this.” Continue reading

Agave Monsters at My Door

I awoke one morning, excited and ready for the day, only to find myself trapped in my own home. How did I find myself trapped in my own home? The agave plants outsmarted me. Knowing of my plan to destroy them, they transformed into monsters overnight and surrounded my entire house. Continue reading