adventures of shy kid vs. the muscle man

Childhood Memories
Older brother Gilbert (right), Me (left) © 1978

Older brother Gilbert (left), Me (right) © 1978

when i discovered the art of writing, it was as if i discovered gold on the other end of the rainbow. i was fourteen and had just gotten my first manuel typewriter. little did i know that this yellow original wordpress would first produce several short horror stories before moving on to more dramatic stories about broken hearts, drugs, suicide—things i noticed going on around me.


Childhood thoughts of Mr. V.

Childhood Memories

Jail just wasn’t his thing. Nor was the outside, what some called the civilian world. A little too much anger isn’t good for the soul. Mr. V. could not understand this. A human boiling pot indeed. “You carry that anger like that, it’s gonna bring you down,” Coach said.