The Conjunto Archives

The Conjunto Archives

I love to listen and dance to Conjunto music. Here are some videos I shot to preserve the history of some of these performances. I owe thanks to my friends, Susan Torres, Clemencia Zapata, Kiko Villamizar, and Bradley Williams, who have welcomed me into their community and whose passion for the music has inspired my own artistic endeavors.

The Conjunto Archives: Susan Torres y Su Conjunto at Sor Juana Festival
April 16, 2011, Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center, Austin, Texas

Susan Torres y Su Conjunto paying homage to Cornelio Reyna with “Te Vas Angel Mio”. Featuring Alejandro Diaz Jr., Johnny Carrizales, y Gilbert Espinoza Jr.


adventures of shy kid vs. the muscle man

Childhood Memories
Older brother Gilbert (right), Me (left) © 1978

Older brother Gilbert (left), Me (right) © 1978

when i discovered the art of writing, it was as if i discovered gold on the other end of the rainbow. i was fourteen and had just gotten my first manuel typewriter. little did i know that this yellow original wordpress would first produce several short horror stories before moving on to more dramatic stories about broken hearts, drugs, suicide—things i noticed going on around me.