Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

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A Stand-up Piece:

Title: Damn Anxiety, Social Anxiety, and Arnold David De la Cruz

There’s a stigma with mental illness. This thing that exists and affects millions of people, and what do we do instead of recognize its mere existence? We try to hide it under the carpet or something. You can still see the damn thing sticking out. But we still pretend it’s not there. “Uh, I see you.” I remember once someone knocking at my door. I seen shadows through the mosaic window.


i don’t dance james brown

Childhood Memories

our stepdad became james brown right before our eyes in the living room. it would normally be after returning home from sportsman inn, the bar next to the creek.

New Urban Legend Involving A Gallo Has Tejanos Crapping their Calzones


By CHICO REYES, Associated Press Writer

AUSTIN August 4, 2014

WARNING: Readers are asked not to try this at home. Any calzones that are damaged as a result of this will not be replaced.

La Llorona and Bloody Mary may be feeling some competition throughout Latino communities in Texas as a new urban legend involving a rooster, called gallo in Spanish, is making headlines. The urban myth people are talking about has to do with Ramon Ayala’s lost song called El Gallo Copeton.